game dedication
January 14, 2022
Tonight’s basketball games were played in honor of one of the Athletic Department’s most loyal fans, Mrs. Willie Anna “Punkin” Williams. 
Miss Punkin who was a favorite to many of the kids served the district as a supporter and advocate for many students, substitute teacher, and an “all-around” booster with a history spanning the course of several decades. She lent her ear to listen to many, her time to support, and her heart to many hugs. 
Mrs. Williams most recently passed away and was laid to rest earlier today. The students wanted to honor her in several ways today: they showed up to her services in their uniforms and they wanted to dedicated tonight’s games in memory of “their biggest fan.”
Tonight Tiger Nation remembers Miss Punkin with the term, “Always There,” as she is best known as being in the stands and in the classroom doing what she does best, serving  the kids. 
Here’s to a life well lived.