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Coaches Corner

Let's hear straight talk from our coaches concerning Week 1 of Tiger Football.

Week # 1: “Timpson Bears


Coach Stark seemed to be pleased with his team’s 1st half performance. But, he wasn’t as pleased with the complacent 2nd half performance. His idea for improving is for the team to remain intense and focused throughout the whole 48 minutes of the game.


Final Score [[Tigers 34 Bears 12]]



                        Looking to Week # 2: “Hemphill Hornets


Coach Stark has an optimistic attitude concerning the rivalry that exists. “Every game is important, not just this one!” Whether we win or lose, it won’t make nor break our season.


Quez Garrett




Week # 2: “Hemphill Hornets”


Coach Perry was pleased with the great performance from the defensive side of the team, and he was impressed with how the offensive side capitalized play by play. For him it felt great watching the clock tick away with the Tigers score being higher than their opponents.


                              Final Score [[Tigers 33 Hornets 12]]



                        Looking to Week #3: “San Augustine Wolves”


During the interview with Coach Perry he seemed to be pretty anxious to see how the team handles this next competition after a big rivalry win against the Hemphill Hornets.



                        Nick Randle, Zack Castor, & Quez Garrett







Week #3: “San Augustine”


Coach Parrish was very happy with the team’s performance during the 1st half. He thought that the defensive side of the team performed really well, they created many sacks. He also said that the team suffered from two key injuries, but overcame those obstacles and performed spectacularly on the offensive side of the game. He mentioned the heat during the game; he agreed that the team looked past the adversity of the heat, and was in much better shape than their opponents.


                             Final Score [[Tigers 34 Wolves 0]]





  Looking to Week #4 “Waskom Wildcats”


Looking forward to the showdown between the Tigers and the Waskom Wildcats seems to be exciting to Coach Parrish. “The team seems to improve every game, so I’m ready for each and every game.” He’s proud of the way that the Tigers have performed so far, and he’s ready to continue on with the winning spirit that the Tigers have kept along the way.



   Quez Garrett, Nick Randle, Zack Castor



Week # 4 “Waskom Wildcats”


Coach Jones thought that the offensive side of the Tigers stalled out during the 1st half, since they were missing some key players. He was impressed with the way that the defensive side stepped up, and he was proud of #20 Eli Conner and his successful field goals. Coach Jones wasn’t too ecstatic about the 3-0 lead over the Wildcats in the 1st quarter, but he said that he’d rather be up 3-0 than to be losing. While talking to him, he mentioned Tiger quarterback #3 Brandon Weatherspoon. He was extremely impressed with how Spoon led the team throughout the game. Also, he loved the way #5 Chris Williams played both sides of the ball.


                                  Final Score [[Tigers 22 Wildcats 0]]




 Looking to Week #5 “Groveton Indians”


Coach Jones believes that this game will be a real test for the Tigers. He agreed that the Indians will be the best team that the Tigers will face during the regular season. “If the offense and defense both put together a complete game, we shouldn’t have any problem turning our undefeated record 4-0 into 5-0.” With that being said, he’s excited to see the Tigers step up to the challenge.


      Zack Castor, Nick Randle, Quez Garrett






Week #5 “Groveton Indians”


Coach Strickland believes that the team’s performance throughout the whole 48 minutes of the game was fine, and that they couldn’t be stopped offensively. He was pretty impressed with the stops caused by the defensive side of the team. Although the Tigers came up short without the victory, he still believes that the Tigers played great altogether on both sides of the ball.


    Final Score [[Tigers 38 Indians 41]]




 Looking to Week #6 “Mt. Enterprise Wildcats”


Coach Strickland is very confident and feels good about going into Friday night’s game against the Wildcats. “Ask me every week if we’ll win, I’ll just say the same thing because I’m that confident in our team.”



Quez Garrett, Zack Castor, Nick Randle




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