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Name (Maiden name)
Barbara Whisenant (Bell)
Class of 1983

Janice Gilley (Bobbitt)
Class of 1972
Janice Gilley (Bobbitt)
Class of 1972
Rosalyn Jones-Waters (Bryles)
Class of 1977
Alicia Vasquez (Castillo)
Class of 1996
Keri Hough (Dorgan)
Class of 1994
Then Now

Pineland Day 1993

Patti Hand (Fuller)
Class of 1974
Pete Pickard (Fuller)
Class of 1990
Kim Shaw (Gardner)
Class of 1988
Brandie Smith (George)
Class of 1995
Sheryel Moore (Gooch)
Class of 1978
Joshua hightower
Class of 1996

Waylon Jacks
Class of 1995
Josh Neal
Class of 1994
Rachael Foster (Nichols)
Class of 1994
Then Now

Sr. Year with my Aunt

In Phuket Thailand Summer 2008
Bobby Perez
Class of 1998
Chancy Sinquefield (Pridgen)
Class of 1994
Charles Rogers
Class of 1994
Amanda Setters (Setters)
Class of 1985
Rhonda Burridge (Sylestine)
Class of 1989
Sarah (Denise) Ford (Teston)
Class of 1996

steven williamson
Class of 1985


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