2nd Grade

Department: West Sabine Elementary School

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Holly Sepulvado

Period: Reading and Language Arts for 2nd grade Room: 2B
About Holly Sepulvado
About 2nd Grade


Welcome to 2nd Grade 




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 Reading & Language Arts


My contact Info:


Holly Sepulvado, Teacher

              West Sabine Elementary            

P.O. Box 869

Pineland, Texas 75968




My Schedule

8:05 ~  8:20  Morning Routine  (DOL and Prompt)

8:20 ~ 9:45  Reading (Sepulvado)

9:45 ~ 10:30  PE/Music/Teacher Conference

10:30 ~ 11:45  Science & Social Studies (Welch)

11:45 ~ 12:15  Lunch

12:15 ~ 12:45  Storytime

12:45 ~ 2:15  Math (Kilcrease)

2:15 ~ 2:45  Recess

2:45 ~ 3:20  Enrichment

Conference time is 9:45 ~ 10:30

*Please Call Ahead to schedule a conference with us @ 409-584-2205!!*


How Parents Can Help


  1. Read to your child.
  2. Read with your child.
  3. Let your child read to you.
  4. Make family fun trips to the library and select new books to read! 


Scope and Sequence

             1st Six Weeks


Number Strategies

Quantitative Reasoning

Language Arts~

My Everyday Patterns


Patterns and Properties of Objects

Change Occurs

Social Studies~

Elements of a Community

Human Characteristics of Our Community

Second Grade Essential Objectives

        Reading/Language Arts        

 Use clear, coherent oral communication in a variety of settings.

 Use writing to express his or her own thoughts and ideas.

 Use word study strategies correctly in written work.
 Comprehend grade level text read independently.
 Decode a grade level passage.
 Read a grade level passage fluently.


Add mixed coins up to one dollar.
Add two-digit numbers with and without regrouping.
Subtract two-digit numbers with and without regrouping.
Tell time in five-minute intervals up to fifty-five minutes after the hour.
Determine size, quantity, and or amounts using customary measurement.
Identify, write and order numbers 100-999.
Identify fractions as part of a whole set.


                                     Students will understand what plants and animals need to survive                                   and how adaptations help them to live in their habitats.
                                               Students will understand that fossils help us learn                                               about changes in earth's environment.
                                                  Students will understand the properties of matter                                              and the ways that matter can change.
                                                  Students will understand that human action can                                             harm or protect natural resources.

         Social Studies        

 Illustrate different aspects of a community/neighborhood.
Identify different types of government leaders.
Identify and describe patriotic information about our country.
Describe the qualities of a good citizen.
Illustrate types of landforms and bodies of water.
 Differentiate between goods and services.
 Identify and illustrate types of transportation that move goods.


Demonstrate good dental health habits.
Show how diseases can be transferred and how to limit the spread of germs.
Demonstrate basic school and home safety rules.
Demonstrate basic first aid procedures including using band-aids and basic care of a cut or bruise.
Describe the difference between harmful drugs and prescription medicine.
Demonstrate a knowledge of proper nutrition and the basic importance of the food pyramid.
Build an awareness of physical and mental disabilities.
Demonstrate different ways to deal with different types of stress in appropriate ways.


Recognize art of the past and the present.
Discuss how art of the past can tell about its creators.
Discuss how art can represent a people and their way of life.
Discuss how art can represent a culture.
Identify the following art elements: line, shape, space, texture,  form, and cool, warm, and neutral colors
Identify and use the following principles of design: pattern, contrast, and proportion.
Be able to artistically create and verbally express their product.
Discuss different reasons for creating artwork.
Express themselves through a variety of art media.


Please schedule a face-to-face or phone conference for grading policies............





See student handbook for policies.........


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