Special Education

Contact Information:

Office:     409-787-2338
Fax:         409-787-2847

Mailing Address:

PO Box 1950
Hemphill, TX 75948


  • Cassy Whitsitt
    Director of Special Education

  • Case Management Clerk
  • Robyn Shapley
    Educational Diagnostician
    Broaddus ISD & Hemphill High School

  • Educational Diagnostician/ West Sabine  ISD & Hemphill Middle School        
  • Bobbie Strickland
    Educational Diagnostician/ Brookeland ISD & Hemphill Elementary
  • Jodi Jordan
    Supervising Speech Language
    All Districts
  • Janessa Stewart
    Speech Language Pathologist Intern
    Hemphill & West Sabine ISD
  • Aley LaRue
    Speech Language Pathologist Assistant
    Brookland & Broaddus ISD

  • Special Education Counselor
    All Districts
  • Gary Wilson
    Physical Therapist - All Districts
  • Kelly McKay
    Physical Therapist Asst - All Districts
  • Mary Milham 
    Occupational Therapist - All Districts
  • Pam Taylor
    Occupational Therapist Assistant- All Districts




TEA Special Education Dispute Resolution Systems Handbook





West Sabine ISD

Special Education Program


West Sabine ISD is a member of the Sabine County Shared Service Arrangement.


What is a Shared Services Arrangement?

A Shared Services Arrangement is a special education cooperative serving multiple school districts. In our SSA, those districts are Broaddus, Brookeland, Hemphill, and West Sabine.


Parent Resources:

ADD Resources:              www.oneADDplace.com      
Allergy Resource:           
Awesome Library :         http://www.awesomelibrary.org/Library/Special_Education/Special_Education.html
Children with Diabetes:  
Council for Exceptional Children: 
Yahoo Directory:  Yahoo Special Education Links
Downs Syndrome Health Issues:  
Epilepsy Foundation:   
IDEA:     www.specialed.us/IDEA2004.edu    
Links to Disabilities:  
www.about.com  – disabilities search engine
Learning Disabilities: 
Special  Olympics: 
www.autism-society.org  www.autism-resources.comwww.autism.comwww.aspergersyndrome.org  
Parent Rights:   

 Links to Resources:  The National Information Center for Children & Youth with Disabilities;  National Directory of State Department of Education; 
Texas Education Agency

Website Resources:

TEACCH:    www.unc.edu/depts/teacch   
Social Stories:   www.thegraycenter.org
Visual supports:  
www.do2learn.com;    www.usevisualstrategies.com;     http://card.ufl.edu/visuals
www.starfall.com;    www.bookshare.org;    www.funbrain.com;    www.free-training-tutorial.com; www.jumpstart.com;   www.abcya.com;
Math resource: 
Math games:   


Texas Transition and Employment Guide: http://www.westsabineisd.net/Uploads/108/misc/f278816.pdf





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