e-Rate RFP

West Sabine ISD


Request For Proposal Form


Technology Plan 2013-2015


Equipment List


Please use the following email to submit all inquiries and quotes to:




For more information contact: 


Daniel Havard
(409) 584-2655



Please include the following with your bids: 

  • Company Name
  • Service Provider ID Number (SPIN)
  • Registration Number (FCC RN)
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Email Address
  • Alternate Contact Person
  • Alternate Email Address 

Vendors must have valid Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) and must have a relationship in good standing with FCC/USAC/SLD.

Bid proposals must conform to the current eligible services list for 2015 or may be subject to disqualification. The current eligible services list can be found at http://www.usac.org/sl/applicants/beforeyoubegin/eligible-services-list.aspx

Proposals for products or services that are ineligible for e-Rate funding should be documented separately in your response.


We wish to have educational pricing on the following products and services!



Priority 1 Services


Telecommunications Services

POTS & Local Toll (for existing 13 lines, plus  0 additional needed)
Long Distance (existing on all lines)
Digital TransmissionService (100Mbps existing service)
Ethernet (EIA existing for the district)


Internet Access

Monthly Internet Services (existing for about 750 K-12 & staff users on 2 campuses - 100Mbps)
Ethernet (EIA existing for the district)



Priority 2 BMIC


Monthly fees for basic maintenance (need for existing Erate-eligible equipment & components).

Wireless Access Points (Cisco AIR-LAP1142N-N-K9 or similiar) 

Installation of Access points - cabling





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